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Sarah Wong

QS Scholarship Winner: Gaining Direction through Social Enterprise

Earlier in 2016, a report entitled 'Tackling Heropreneurship' was released by Daniela Papi-Thornton, the deputy director of Oxford Saïd Business School's Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship. In it, Papi-Thornton argues that, while being a 'social entrepreneur' has never been more popular, among many who hold this ambition there remains a lack of understanding about the reality of the problem they would like to address. As well-intentioned as they may be, this is because they have not lived, or 'apprenticed' with the problem and this constrains their ability to make a positive impact.

This is a point Sarah Wong, an entering student in the INSEAD MBA program, has learned through experience. After leaving a job in consulting, she decided to embark on something more fulfilling, and hence started a social enterprise project in 2013 aimed at improving living conditions for the residents of a village in Indonesia's Riau Islands province - a five-hour journey by both sea and land from her home in Singapore.

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Pulton Leung

QS Scholarship Winner: Making a Difference through Mentoring

“I have always sought opportunities to impact and change situations for the better in the local community,” states Pulton Leung, a QS Community Scholarship winner in 2016. Through mentoring others, Leung has realized his ability to make a difference, which is what he plans to continue doing by starting a social entrepreneurship venture in Puerto Rico. In the meantime, he will be pursuing his MBA at Emory University’s Goizueta Business School.

As is the case for a number of undergraduate students transitioning into the workforce, Leung says he faced “many issues and challenges” as he tried to decide on his life’s purpose and career goals. After getting his bachelor’s degree in finance and economics from NYU Stern, Leung went on to work at the Spanish banking group, BBVA, first in a rotational program and then in its financial institutions and financial sponsors teams. Yet, Leung's winning scholarship essay detailed a belief that he “would have greatly benefited from having a mentor to provide me with guidance and support throughout my college years.”

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François-René Lachapelle

QS Academic Excellence Scholarship Winner

Canadian graduate student François-René Lachapelle is the recipient of the 2013 QS Academic Excellence Scholarship. As its name suggests, this scholarship aims to support a grad school student who illustrates the potential to make a valuable contribution to the academic community. Like the QS Leadership Scholarship, it provides $10,000 towards course fees.

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Hayley Capp

QS Leadership Scholarship Winner

Hayley Capp, from the UK, is the winner of 2013’s QS Leadership Scholarship. Covering up to US$10,000 of course fees, this scholarship is awarded to a grad school applicant who has proven his/her ability to apply leadership and entrepreneurial skills to make a positive impact on a community or in a professional context.

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Li Ming

QS Academic Excellence Scholarship Winner

For University of Beijing graduate Li Ming, the motivation to pursue a career in the field of biotechnology started at home rather than in the classroom. “Both of my parents have suffered from rheumatoid arthritis for 20 years, and this was originally the reason I chose to specialize in biotechnology,” she explains. “My long-term dream is to make a scientific discovery that will help to cure this kind of disease.”

After visiting the QS World Grad School Tour event in Beijing, Li Ming was inspired to pursue her studies with an MSc in Biotechnology at University College London (UCL), and also to apply for the US$10,000 QS Community Scholarship. Li Ming impressed the judges with her passion for the field, and her clear commitment to using the skills and knowledge she will acquire during her studies at UCL to benefit others in her home country.

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Jeronimo Terrones Portas

QS Community Scholarship for MBA and Postgraduate Studies

A graduate of Universidad Iberoamericana (UIA) in Mexico City, Jeronimo Terrones Portas first became interested in nanotechnology when his uncles began taking him to conferences at the age of 16. His early start paid dividends, and he achieved the highest mark ever awarded in his undergraduate degree program.

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Sanchi Maheshwari

QS-Duisenberg Scholarship for Women in Finance

This year’s recipient of the QS-Duisenberg Scholarship for Women in Finance is Indian student Sanchi Maheshwari, who has just completed her undergraduate law studies at the University of Mumbai, and is preparing to start the LLM Finance and Law program at Duisenberg.

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Rodica Timotin

Scholarship for Women in Finance

Romanian student Rodica Timotin is the recipient of the 2012 Scholarship for Women in Finance, offered by Duisenberg School of Finance in partnership with QS. She shares how it felt to be accepted, her thoughts on gender imbalance in finance, and why she can’t imagine a better location for her MSc.

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